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The Committee

George Pengelly – Chairman

Eric Bayley – Vice Chairman

Peter Lee – Secretary

Janet Pascoe - Assistant Secretary

Clive Pascoe – Treasurer

Kelvin Tonkin – Welfare Officer/webmaster/facebook admin. Email:

Committee Members

Andy Coombe - Chas Mills

Bernard Hand - Stan Gore

Karen Gould - Gary Perryman

Cornwall Section VMCC AGM Minutes Sunday 10th October 2021

1. welcome

George opened the meeting by thanking all for coming. Apologies were received from Kelvin Tonkin - Welfare Officer

2. Minutes of last AGM agreed and signed

The minutes of the last AGM in 2019 were read out, agreed and signed

3. Chairman's report

George commented that we had been through an incredible time with lock down but was pleased that the club had maintained some of the functions and all the Committee had stayed in office.
The lunch meeting at Quintrell Inn has changed to Chapter One by Damerells. Kit Hill on the first Sunday of the month is still well supported by club members and the general public.
East Taphouse club nights have changed to the second Monday of the month for a coffee morning starting at 10.30 at the same venue. Thanks to Celia. Peter Lee’s Portreath meet is still going ahead although the venue has changed to The Hut at Portreath.
Truro Club Nights will start in the near future and George is thinking about having another lunch meeting further down West, maybe on a Saturday or Sunday.
He thanked Mary Dingley for taking over the Secretary post for a short interim period. He also thanked all the Rally Committed for their work.

4. Secretary’s report

Due to the Secretary only being in post for a couple of months, this report was short and sweet. Ten new members had joined during 2021. Members were asked to let Kelvin Tonkin know of any illnesses or passings so he would be able to send appropriate cards to families.

5. Treasurer's report

All monies from last year’s rally have been refunded.
As of 20 September 2021 the financial saturation for the Section is as follows:- Money in the bank. £2,651.00
Cash in Hand. £. 122.15

—————- Total funds. £2,773.15

Compared to twelve months ago when funds stood at £2,805.61
There is money coming in now from recent runs which is starting to boost the funds

6. Proposal by Peter Lee to be voted on by members

The following proposal was put the the members and voted it. It was carried by 19 people voting for it and 1 abstainer

Person(s) who were Committee members should have their period in office sus- pended as of December 2019 when Covid became known. At the AGM they will be able to continue as Committee members or if they so wish resign. Their period in office if they wish to continue would start after the AGM.

e.g. A member who served 1 year prior to December 2019 will still have 2 years to serve following the AGM.”

7. Chairman to stand down while Secretary takes the meeting

See 8 below.

8. Nominations for the post of chairman

Due to the above motion being passed - George Pengelly continued to be

Roger Hore stood down as Vice Chair and Eric Bayley took on this post - proposed by Clive Pascoe and seconded by Chas Miller

Secretary Peter Lee was proposed by Clive Pascoe and seconded by Janet Pascoe

Ass Secretary - No now stood for this post
Treasurer - Clive Pascoe continues to this post
Asst Treasurer - No one was appointed to this post
Welfare Officer, Web Site & Facebook Manager - Kelvin Tonkin will remain in

these posts.
Regalia Officer - As all regalia can now be bought easily from the HQ web site it

was felt this post was not really needed

9. A.O.B

All existing Committee members will remain I.e Andy Coombe, Stan Gore, Bernard Hand, Karen Gould, Janet Pascoe, Chas Miller, Garry Perryman, Stan Weston.

The very sad death of Ted Clayton recently was acknowledged. He did an awful lot for the club over the years, being a member for over 40 years. His lovely smile and sense of humour will be missed.

10 Date, time and place of next AGM

The nest AGM is planned to be at Treviscoe Village Hall on Sunday 16 October 2022

Meeting finished at 12.45

Registered Address

Allen House, Wetmore Road,

Burton upon Trent,

Staffordshire, DE14 1TR