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This coming Friday 29-7-22 is the Club Meeting at the Church Hall, St Mary's Church, Portreath. There will be a talk from one of the Traffic Division Officers from Camborne on Road Safety. Please support this event by attending between 2-5pm. Tea and coffee as well as pastry's and fruit cake Will be available.


The Vintage Motorcycle Club Cornwall Section has positions available on our committee, positions are available now and more positions will be available at our AGM In October. Anyone interested in joining or require more info please contact Peter Lee on 01209 212276

Lands End Run 2022

Lands End Run 2022
Under grey skies with light rain 14 members and 1 guest were at the start of our "Premier Run" at the Borough Arms, Bodmin. The disappointment of low numbers was lifted when Roger Hore arrived behind the wheel of his Suzuki . The DVLA had given him back his licence after an eighteen month error by them.He was the judge for the day with seven awards up for grabs. Two were awarded on the day Boo's 1948 Norton won Post Vintage whilst Sid Pooley with his 1985 Honda was awarded the Best Classic Trophy. Congratulations to both and further awards will be given at the Christmas Lunch.After a complimentary cup of tea/coffee (courtesy of the Section) the riders set off. Within 2 miles of the start there was bright sunshine with blue skies all the way to Lands End.Pasties were consumed by many at the lunch stop at Portreath and onto Lands End. With free entry to the complex (courtesy of the Section) parking was at the normal reserved site where the bikes were viewed and admired by the inquisitive public, Many thanks to all who organised the event and took part. Janet Pascoe for using her Mercedes as a signing on platform and Clive for buying the teas and ice creams. All riders appeared to have enjoyed the run with each having a commemorative coaster to mark the event.

On Saturday 11th June 2022 there will be a celebration of the life of Doc Kitts taking place at Falmouth football club which start at 12.00

Paul Parker and Pam Osborne

It's with shock and great sadness that I have to inform members that both Paul Parker and his partner Pam Osborne have passed away at the scene of a Road Traffic Incident. This occurred on Monday on the A39 near Wainhouse Corner.
Both Paul and Pam were on the Stan Weston Memorial on Paul's Trident that was up for sale. Pam also took a video recording of that event. We shared lunch with them at the Pheasant Inn and they left on the Trident.

Paul’s funeral will take place Fri 27th May 2022 @ 1200hrs. Treswithian Crematorium Camborne Cornwall TR14 0BL.

Bikers should meet at Hayle rugby club at 11.40 to follow the hearse to the crematorium.

Sid Lang

It is with great sadness to announce the death of Sid Lang from Flushing, Falmouth

Stan Weston

It is with sadness to announce the death of Stan Weston from St Newlyn East, who passed away 1st March 2022

Stan Weston's Funeral arrangements.
The meeting place at the Pheasant Inn at 9 50am on the 25th March 2022 is for motorcycle riders who wish to follow the hearse to the Crematorium on their machines. The route is through Newlyn East, Fiddlers Green, onto the A30, then right at Carland Cross Roundabout .
As a mark of respect on the 10th April 2022 there will be The Stan Weston Memorial Run led by Chas Mills.
More details to follow

Then & Now!
The pictures below are of Stan Weston, Chas Mills and Terry Truscott when they were apprentices in their teens and a more recent one. Top pic from left to right, Terry Truscott, Chas Mills and Stan Weston. Bottom pic from left to right, Stan Weston, Terry Truscott and Chas Mills.

Michael Jenkins

Unexpectedly, on December 17th, 2021, Michael, aged 86 years, of Bodmin, formerly Wadebridge. Beloved husband of the late Patricia, much loved dad of Andrew, Timothy and Jonathan, father-in-law of Tina and Cathryn, stepfather of Peter, Nigel and Yvonne, and a treasured grandad and great grandad.

Mike Jenkins funeral was very well attended with a good turnout on bikes despite appalling weather conditions.

Visit by the 1903 Dreadnaught motorcycle to Cornwall

The niece of its creator is able to see after 120 years her Uncles most famous creation still working.

Date Friday 15th October

Time 10.00- 12.00

Place Inn for All Seasons, off the old Redruth Bypass

The Dreadnought, named after the famous Battleships of the time, was built by Harold Karslake in 1903. It was an attempt to create his ideal motorcycle. He obtained a second hand loop frame, and collected various parts which included a 1903 De Dion pattern MMC 405cc engine. When the machine was assembled Harold, nicknamed “Oily” by all those who knew him, used it extensively for touring and for the popular long distance trials of the Edwardian period.

During that time he experimented with various combinations of seating, tyres, gears and engine modifications. The bike had neither pedals nor a kick start, so to start it had to be paddled away by the rider until it burst into life. It was well able to climb many of the famous test hills of the time, many of which are still used in long distance trials. It could, for instance, climb the old hill at Bluehills near Perranporth, quite a feat even today. Oily continued riding his famous machine, but along the way became involved with another famous motorcycle manufacturer, George Brough.

Together they formed a relationship which at one point produced a motorcycle called a Karbro, a mix of their two names. In 1930 George Brough rode the Dreadnought in the first “Old Crocks” London to Brighton Run to commemorate the fact that Oily had won the 1914 London to Brighton trial on this very machine. Against all odds he continued riding the motorcycle, and winning with it right up to the 1940s. At this point he retired the motorcycle from active competitions, despite , he insisted, it being still competitive.

Oily Karslake bequeathed the Dreadnought to the Vintage Motor Cycle Club in 1962, just before his death at the age of 81. It is now the VMCC’s most treasured asset.

In early 2021 Jeremy Jackson was being interviewed by Radio Cornwall about one of his motorcycling books. After the broadcast he was contacted by a lady from Falmouth who told him that her uncle had invented a motorcycle called a Dreadnought, but that she had no further information about it. She believed that it still existed somewhere, but had no knowledge of its whereabouts or proper history. Jeremy passed the information to the VMCC, and Roger Fogg called Mrs Hambly to tell her that the Dreadnought did indeed still exist, and was a most prized possession of the VMCC. Held at their HQ in Burton on Trent, The Dreadnought is regularly exhibited and ridden throughout the Country by members of the club. It had been to Cornwall once before, many years ago, but this would be a great opportunity for Oily Karslakes niece to see it for the very first time. We hope it will be a very special occasion for her. Accompanying the bike will be Dr Mike Wills, National President of the VMCC, and he will be able to explain much more about the workings of the bike and what its like to ride in 2021.

Finally, there is one more little twist to the story. In the early years of the Dreadnoughts existence, much was contributed by a Mr Simkins. Both Oily Karslake and George Brough were eminent self publicists, but Simkins was an enigmatic figure who has remained very much in the background of things. There is a possibility that he is connected with the late Bill Simkins who lived at Trevellas near Perranporth. Mr Simkins died a few years ago, and we are not sure where his relatives are now. It would be nice to confirm if this story is true. Perhaps we may be able to find out sometime in the near future.

Gerald was a long standing member of our section. Sadly, Gerald passed away recently, his funeral service took take place at St Breock Church Wadebridge on 21st February 2020. Gerald was a very active member of our club and will be greatly missed by all.

Minutes of the AGM held on 15th October 2017

A respectable numbers of members attended the A.G.M. on the 15th October at the Treviscoe Village Hall. There was eleven apologies including the South West Rep. Mike Larcombe.
The Chairpersons report received much applause. Mike Harris presented a bouquet of flowers expressing the feelings of both the members and the committees. During her three year appointment all agreed that Celia has put the Cornish Section well and truly on the map especially the Cornwall week.
Peter Lee read out the Secretary’s report due to Karen being unwell and Sally had a commitment in Bristol.
Mike Harris (Treasurer) asked that the accounts should not be approved as there was a discrepancy in the accounts which he could not account for. This would be resolved by the next Committee meeting on the 23rd October. This was agreed by all those present.
George Pengelly was the only nomination for the post of Chairperson. He was duly elected. George spoke briefly stating that to follow in Celia’s foot steps would be a hard act to follow. He assured those present that with the assistance of his committee the momentum of the Cornish Section would not diminish.
The next item on the Agenda was the appointment of Officers. The following persons received a vote of confidence;
Vice Chairman Peter Lee
Secretary Karen Gould
Assistant Secretary Sally Pearce
Treasurer Mike Harris
Welfare Officer Roger Hore
Trophy/Regalia Officer Eric Bayley
The Committee for 2018 was voted en-bloc;
Gary Perryman Gerald Brewer Andy Coombe
Kelvin Tonkin Mike Jenkins
Mike Jenkins Celia Hore
In any other business Roger Fogg questioned the appearance or lack of the South West Rep. Mike Larcombe. He was invited to the A.G.M but late yesterday afternoon he informed Celia that he was unable to attend due to a bad back.
A special thanks to Celia’s helpers who provided tea/coffee/ biscuits throughout the meeting. Pearce’s butchers of St Austell for the pasties, and Rodda’s for the cream teas.
The meeting closed at 1.10 pm. Next Years A.G.M. will be held at the same location on the 21st October 2018

Here are the minutes of the last AGM held at Truro on Friday 28th October 2016

Cornwall Section VMCC, AGM Friday 28th October 2016, The Cricket Club, Malpas, Truro.

Celia Hore in the chair . Meeting opened at 8.00pm.

Welcome: Celia welcomed everyone and thanks them for attending, number of members attending 37.

Apologies: T Clayton, A Coombs, R Osborne.

Minutes of last AGM: Accepted: signed by Celia

Proposer – Len Dingley Seconder – Pete Smith

For-22 Against-0 Abst-4

Chairmans report: Read. Celia outlined the events that have taken place this year and thanked the members for their continued support at all the events helping to made 2016 a very successful year for the section.

Secretary Report: Read. Lesley highlighted the events of the year and praised the members for their efforts and support. Lesley resigned from her post due to personal commitments.

Treasures Report: Graham gave out copies of the financial report for members to read. Graham resigned from his post stating that after 8 years it was time to hand the post to someone new. Acceptance of Accounts Proposer – Peter Old Seconder – Eric Bailey For 28 Against – 0 Abst – 0

Nominations for Chairperson: Secretary took the Chair Celia Hore – Celia re elected unopposed Proposer – Kelvin Tonkin Seconder – Eric Bayley Carried unanimously Appointment of Officers: Chairperson re took the chair Lesley advised the names of resigning Officers

Nominations of Officers:

Vice Chair – Peter Lee . Proposer Clive Pascoe Seconder – Mike Jenkins
Secretary – Karen Gould Proposer – Roger Hore Seconder – Peter Lee
Treasurer – Mike Harris Proposer – Kelvin brown Seconder – Mike Jenkins
Welfare Officer – Roger Hore Proposer Melvyn Pearce Seconder – Eric Bayley
Trophy/Regalia Officer – Eric Bayley Proposer – Stan Weston Seconder – Clive Pascoe All officers voted in unanimously Appointment of Committee Members: Secretary advised of resigning members Resigning Members – Len Dingley Roger Fogg and Peter Old

Committee Members:

Gary Perryman Proposer – Roger Hore Seconder – Mike Jenkins
George Pengelly Proposer – Pete Smith Seconder – Gerald Brewer
Mike Jenkins Proposer – Melvyn Pearce Seconder – Eric Bayley –
Kelvin Tonkin Proposer – Roger courtier Seconder – Eric Bayley
Andy Coombe Proposer – Peter Lee Seconder – Mike Jenkins
Sally Pearce Proposer – Peter Old Seconder – Kelvin Brown
Gerald Brewer Proposer – Peter Smith Seconder – Kelvin Tonkin

All Committee Member voted in Unanimously

Cornwall Section Survey Results: Celia gave out the results report for members to read. 310 Questionnaires were sent out and 87 returned 11 were void due to incorrect completion or that particular member has passed away. Celia read out the results of each question and made it known that all the questionnaires were out for members to look at if they wish. The general result of the survey indicates members are happy with the way the Section is run and wish it to continue, with the structure to stay the same. Mary Dingley asked it to be minuted that the issue of splitting the section into two could be put to bed. In answer Peter Old stated that this couldn’t happen until the committee have address the issues raised in the questionnaires at the next committee meeting and brought any actions to be taken to the club nights for the members to approve. A general discussion took place relating to additional social event to be formed in the West of the county, as this was suggested in the questionnaire. Celia stated that this had already being discussed at Committee meetings and will be looked into for next year.

Members views/actions to be taken from the results – To be reflected in the Calendar 2017: Celia suggested that at the next club meetings a form will be put out for members who wish to lead a ride to fill in their details. This was agreed by the floor to be a good idea. ACTION – Form to be created and put out at both November club nights. From suggestions in the questionnaires additional Social Events in the West of the county to be discussed by the new committee and suitable venues found. These events will then be added to next year’s Calendar of Events. Celia asked the members present if they were happy with the meeting places, the members responded that they are.

AOB; • Peter Old – asked where the Block and Gavel was. Celia responded that it was accounted for but not brought to this meeting. • John Hughes – asked if it would be a good idea to obtain the e mail addresses of all the members where possible to allow information to be e mailed out. Graham explained that at present there are 3 lists of members which do not match up. ACTION – At the next club nights a form to be produced and put out for members to fill in their e- mail addresses The membership details to be clarified with Head Office. • Roger Courtier suggested that the AGMs could be held on a Sunday to incorporate a morning run and afternoon AGM with a Buffet. He felt this may increase the number of members attending. The venue to be somewhere between East Taphouse and Truro. A discussion took place and it was decided to vote on the suggestion. The Motion – “To hold future AGMs on a Sunday Incorporating a Morning ride with the AGM in the Afternoon with a Lunch time Buffet.” Proposer – Roger Courtier Seconder – Peter Old For – 22 Against – 5 Abs – 5 Motion Carried by a majority • Roger Fogg asked if the Creepy Crawly runs will take place next year. Celia responded that they will and it was agreed that Roger Fogg and Roger Hore will organise these runs.
Date/Time/Place off next AGM Date set for 15th October 2017 – Time and Place TBA

Below are the minutes of the last AGM held at East Taphouse on Thursday 8th October 2015

Cornwall Section VMCC, AGM

Thursday 8th October 2015, East Taphouse Community Hall

Celia Hore in the Chair. Meeting started at 8.00pm

28 attendees.

Apologies; C Pascoe, P Old, K and A Gould, A Tremaine, M Walkey

Welcome: Celia welcomed members to the meeting, including Rod and Carol Hann, (S W Area Rep.).

Minutes of last AGM; accepted; signed by Celia Hore

Matters arising; none

Chairman’s Report; Read.

Celia outlined the year’s activities and thanked members for their support to the various events.

Secretary’s Report; Read.

Brief outline; A brief report on the Secretary’s activities throughout the year. The section has 344 members of which 280 are contactable. Mary resigned from her post as secretary after completing her three years.

Treasurer’s report; Attached, read.

Graham tabled accounts for East Taphouse and Truro.

Election of Officers:

Chairman; Celia Hore (Unanimously re-elected for a further year unopposed)

Vice Chairman; Roger Fogg (Re elected unopposed for a further year)

Secretary; Lesley Clayton (Accepted position with the proviso that if her circumstances change then she may have to review the position)

Asst. Secretary; Peter Lee

Treasurer; Graham Walkey

Regalia Officer; Eric Bayley

Trophy Officer; Andy Tremaine

Welfare Officers; Gilbert Dingle

Recorder of Minutes; Roger Fogg

Committee Members; Gerald Brewer, Michael Champion, Mary and Len Dingley, Karen Gould, Michael Jenkins, Peter Old, Stan Weston.

Clive Pascoe resigned from the committee.

Mary Dingley will remain as webmaster of the sections website.

Voted in on block.


  • There were various suggestions from the floor on how to change or improve the Runs. These will be referred to the next committee meeting when dates for next year’s calendar will be set.
  • Aaron Wellington asked if the Land’s End Run could revert to the old route. Suggestions were noted and will be referred to the next committee meeting.
  • Roger Fogg floated the idea of splitting Cornwall Section into two parts, East and West, like some other counties. After much discussion most of the members felt that this was not something they wished to do at present.
  • Discussion took place about how to better publicise the Sections activities for dormant and new members as well as the general public. Peter Lee agreed to try and contact the press to write some articles about our activities. Rodney Hann suggested a portable banner to be displayed when we park up detailing who we are and giving contacts and meeting places.
  • We are always looking for new Run leaders, speakers for Club Nights and volunteers to assist generally in our activities.
  • The 2015 Cornwall Bike Week was a great success and many letters of appreciation have been sent to Celia.
  • Rodney Hann thanked Mary Dingley in particular for her work as secretary and all other committee members for the work that had been put in to making the Section the success it is.
  • Gerald Brewer asked if as a way of promoting the club, the Calendar of Events could be printed on paper to be handed out like a flyer and also possibly pocket size thereby reducing costs.

There being no other AGM business the meeting finished at 9.05pm

Below are the minutes of the last AGM held at Truro on Friday 31st October 2014


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